The links that follow cover topics of general interest vital for inquirers and already-Orthodox alike. We've tried to categorize them as best as we could, but there will always be some significant overlap in categories. 

For this reason it's best to take your time, and browse through each of the links individually. 

Catechetical Resources


Faith & Life 

  • Orthodox Christianity: This site has articles on a variety of subjects including theology, worldwide news. lives of the Saints, marriage and family life and the suffering Church.

  • Christian Orthodox Publications: On Christian faith and life, on Holy Scriptures, on prayer and sacraments, on the life of Saints, on theology, and selected writings from the Holy Fathers. 

  • The St. Colman Prayer book: A thoroughly comprehensive prayer book available for the Orthodox Western Rite.

  • American Orthodox Institute: The American Orthodox Institute is a research and educational organization that engages the cultural issues of the day within the Orthodox Christian moral tradition.

  • Fellowship of the Inexhaustible Cup: To provide and establish a network of intercessory prayer and support among its members in order to combat the many destructive forces of addictions present in our day and age.

Fasting & Lent


Lenten Meditations: A ministry of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church ROCOR, it offers homilies by the Church Fathers on the Lenten journey, and walks through the canon with readings and meditations.