Below you'll find links to various Social and Video resources.

This list is hardly exhaustive, but will serve as a sound starting point for further inquiry.

General Media Links of Interest


YouTube Links of Interest

  • Russian America: Hidden Sanctuary of the Orthodox World, is a visually stunning documentary showcasing the Russian Church in America.

  • Orthodox in Dixie: Jokingly referred to as 'Orthodixie,' this brief documentary examines the growth of Orthodoxy in the South through the lens of one parish in South Carolina. 

  • Eastern American Diocese, ROCOR: This is the YouTube channel of our sister diocese.

  • Patristic Nectar Films: A series of wonderful videos examining various aspects of Orthodoxy and modern life in light of the teachings of the Church Fathers.

  • Orthosword: This is a collection of very short videos designed to offer a one point perspective on a variety of topics.

  • Hierodecon Herman: A Valaam chanter, this site is in Russian.