In that we worship with our bodies as well as our spirits, Orthodox devotional items hold a very special place in the life and mind of the believer.

Below we've listed some links that anyone might find helpful.

Shopping Links

  • Holy Trinity Icon Studio: This is the icon shop of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York. The monks do amazing work, and can even produce custom and oversized prints upon request.

  • Orthodox Bookstore and Gift Shop: Various members of our parish have worked with these shop owners for years. They're dependable, offer a wide variety of useful goods and are quite reasonably priced.

  • Uncut Mountain Supply: A source for icons of the highest quality with outstanding service, they even have a selection of Western Saints.

  • Eastern Christian Supply Company: An almost inexhaustible online catalog of goods, Church quality merchandise and a great resource for service books and booklets.

  • Catalog of St. Elizabeth: The nuns operate homes for special needs adults and two rehabilitation centers. They finance their ministry by creating fine Church goods and devotional items, with workshops on their property near Minsk, Russia.

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